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Medium authors with 200K+ followers

Balaji Dharma
4 min readApr 18


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In this blog, I am going to list the authors with the most followers on Medium. Also going to analyze topics they are experts on and actively write.

I created an account on Medium in Jun 2020. So I published around 70+ articles and it helps to reach 400+ followers. But I am seeing some profiles having 10K+ followers. How they reached 10K+ followers and what topic they post blogs. Also, I am so curious to know which is the top follower’s profile in the medium.

Currently medium does not offer a list of top writers. Unfortunately, I found most followed profile was Medium Staff. Yes, this is an official profile by the medium team. You get the news and updates from the staff at Medium.

Medium Staff (69M followers)

The staff picks list will be displayed on the medium front page.

The one more official Medium blog profile followers are 1.1M.

Medium Blog (1.1M followers)

If you book author, you can apply here to become a verified book author on Medium.

I have listed the profile with 200K+ followers on Medium.

* If I missed any profile with 200+K followers please add it to the comment.

  1. Tim Denning (314K followers)
  2. Gary Vaynerchuk (294K followers)
  3. Scott Galloway (264K followers)
  4. Darius Foroux (263K followers)
  5. Benjamin Hardy, Ph.D. (256K followers)
  6. Tim O’Reilly (247K followers)
  7. Nir Eyal (238K followers)
  8. Larry Kim (220K followers)
  9. Julie Zhuo (214K followers)
  10. Bernie Sanders (214K followers)
  11. Ev Williams (213K followers)
  12. Fabricio Teixeira (204K followers)
  13. Jason Fried (203K followers)
  14. Roger Martin (200K followers)

1. Tim Denning